Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Updates... It's 2017!

My writings have been a bit slow of late, I had hit a bit of a road block, but sometimes you have to reach the bottom or try new things to get you back at it. I had a look at animation but after a few days and a few trials with two kinds of animation software I knew it was not for me… too darn complicated! I take my hat off to those who can do this sort of thing, people like Mark Johnson, see his film Scarlet Lake here, which features my story Angel of Death (incidentally it has now received over 2500 views on You Tube). So, I am back at my dystopian dark fantasy novel, refreshed and raring to go. I also have a screenplay on the go and have finished a rough first draft of So… I Met a Werewolf.

In the coming weeks I am going to offer a few of the So... I Met books free for Kindle only, so watch this space and tell your friends!

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